The current legal hygiene regulations of WKO Carinthia apply.


The organisers will ensure that the competitors are able to carry out their work in the best possible room temperature (21-22°C).


We are delighted to welcome visitors to the event. However, only authorised persons with ID (before, during and afterwards) may be present at the event or in the competition room (e.g. the press). Apply for accreditation via Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! competition office will issue you with a visitor’s pass after checking your personal details.

Not Permitted

  • Electric nail drills
  • French-tips, tips, gel or glue
  • All kinds of gel sealing products, gloss gels, resin, brush on, spray on, fibre glass
  • Nail products like ridge filler, basecoat, topcoat, sealing polish and glossy nail polish
  • Nail polish drying spray
  • Nagellack-Trockner Spray
  • Nail oils (no oil should be found either under the nail or in the nail ridges)
  • Red marker pens, red felt tip pens
  • Films and photography


Photography Rights

The copyright for all photos and videos produced by the event organisers is owned and may be published by the event organisers. On registration, competitors hand over all photography rights to the ENA. No photography or filming is permitted during the competition.


After registration, each participant will sets up his table.

The competitor brings his own work materials including work lamp (lighting fixtures).

Each competitor receives a power supply using a triple plug (230 volts, 50 Hz).

Adapter on "Euro connector (connector type C)" must be brought.

After the Competition

The models collect a number from the number distribution point and make their way to the photo shoot when instructed to do so by supervisors.

When instructed by the supervisors, the models will then proceed to the jury


If a competitor has already commenced their work before the official start time, they will be disqualified.


Registered competitors who arrive late will still be able to compete in the competition but they will not be able to make up any lost time.


Competitors may affix advertising everywhere in their work area.

This complies with international standard regulations, for example at the Formula 1 Grand Prix or at Red Bull racing.

Dress Code

The competitors will be provided with European Nail Association t-shirts, which will be imprinted with the names of the competitors and the products they are using.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is 250 euros and should be transferred to the following bank account:

European Nail Association
BANK:  Raiffeisen Bank
IBAN:   AT663949600000508689
BIC:      RZKTAT2K496

WNC 2015 and your name (e.g. Joe Bloggs)

Important! If no name is provided, you will not be able to participate.

Food and Drink

During the competition, competitors and models will be served small canapés and drinks to keep them refreshed. Supervisors will serve the competitors and models.

Number of Competitors

The number of competitors is limited to 15 people. As this is a worldwide competition, (using competition heats) the best 15 Triple A premium professional nail technicians will be shortlisted based on a points system. See shortlisting.

The jury can only make a correct judgment when evaluating the work of 18 people. This has been clearly proven through rigorous testing.

In addition, 3 participants will be permitted to enter who have not been shortlisted based on ranking but instead possess the necessary expertise.

Tools and Products

ALL tools and products including a work lamp must be brought to the competition by the participant.
Powder and liquid systems are permitted.
Only nail forms may be used.
We strongly recommend that you work exclusively with products that meet SAFETY STANDARDS and are compliant with REACH.

EU Cosmetic Regulation no. 1223/2009 (EU-KVO).

Competition Rules

No pre-work should be carried out on the models’ hands before the start of the competition. An inspection will be carried out at 9:30.

Damage to the model’s nail-bed and cuticle will count against the competitor.

All mobile phones must be switched off until the jury’s decision has been announced in the competition room.

Smoking and talking are completely forbidden for the duration of the competition.

Once the end of the competition has been announced, the competitor must cease their work immediately.



As a rule ANYONE who has won at least one national or international title may apply to enter the competition. We currently have over 100 high-quality applications. Registration does not automatically mean that you will be shortlisted.

The Triple A Premium Professional Nail Technicians are determined as follows:
With the exception of Nail Art, all those who have won first place are awarded points, e.g. the winner of the Nailpro Competition Cup “TOP 25 Of World” is awarded 300 points, the winners of the individual categories at the Nailpro Competition Cup held in Sacramento, ISSE Long Beach, IBS Las Vegas, Premiere Orlando, Pasadena, Nailapalooza will be awarded 200 points. Those winning first place at the Nailympics and Düsseldorf will both be awarded 100 points. The European Award in Munich gives you 150 points and national titles like e.g. the Swiss Championships, 50 points. Those with the highest total points through awarded titles will make up the 15 shortlisted participants.

In addition, 3 participants will compete who have not been shortlisted via the points ranking system but instead, possess the required expertise.