Work area

Arbeitstisch webThe work area must have a clear working system. The different nail equipment should be organised like an operating table in an operation room, e.g. nail files should not be left lying around but should be within easy grasp, so you can get hold of them when you need to. All products must be put back into their proper place once they have been used. All tools and products should be organised systematically in a straight line. The less significant materials and accessories like, e.g. nail forms, polish, swabs, primer and corrector pens should be kept on the left-hand side, while the most important products should be stored on the right-hand side, such as powder, liquid, brushes, files. Nail forms should be disposed of once they have been finished with in the containers provided on each work station. The following should not be visible in the work area: food, soft toys, photos, good-luck charms, mobiles, plants etc.

Exceptions: one drink for each model and competitor.