The sculpting process

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  • criteria engNail form systems must be used.
  • The half-moons should look harmonious with an almond-shape. The lines above (nail-bed) and those underneath should follow the same nail curve. The colour of the moons should be around half a shade lighter (soft white) than the white tips. The “white“ should look really natural. The proportions of the nails should match on each hand, which means that the little finger should have a smaller moon, ring fingers and forefingers should be somewhat bigger and again of equal size, while the middle finger should have the biggest moons.
  • The nail bed must immaculate. No nail dust should remain from filing and no white edges or skin should be visible. The artificial overlay should blend in seamlessly with the natural nails and cuticles and should not be obvious either on glance or to touch.
  • Dramatic French (pink & white) must be created on both hands.
  • The competitors are free to choose which colour techniques they use.
  • A covering powder should be applied to the nail bed (e.g. concealer, make-up etc.)
  • The length of the nail bed must be “extended” to exactly 25 mm.
  • The smile line must be dramatically accentuated and along this line a shadow-effect should be created.
  • The length of the white tips must be exactly 40 mm.
  • This means that the entire nail length from the nail bed to the tip of the free edge measures 65 mm.
  • The nails should have the same width from top to bottom.
  • The side view should show no arch and both side edges must appear straight.
  • 50% of the undersides of the nails should be circular.
  • The tip of the natural nails under the overlays must ultra thin all over.
  • The red nail polish (which the competitor brings with them) shall only be applied to 1 hand. The white tips should not be visible under the polish.
  • The thumbs must be prepared by the competitor on the day before the start of the event. The right thumb nail must be painted red, the left thumb must have a white tip. (Only 8 nails will be judged; the thumb nails will give a complete picture of the end result in the photos of the winners’ work).