1. ONLY THE NAILS should be judged and not the hand.
  2. The room supervisors will check that the work area is being kept in an orderly manner on 2 separate occasions.
  3. The jury will also judge the handling of the nails during the competition.
  4. The jury will be able to judge the nails very precisely by using a magnifying glass, which has 20 times magnification.
  5. Pictures from the photo-shoot will be sent to 3 external judges in Japan, the USA and Sweden.
  6. Die Bilder vom Fotoshooting werden an 3 externe Juroren in Japan, USA und Schweden geschickt.
  7. The pictures from the photo-shoot will be posted on the World Nail Championship’s Facebook page at 4 p.m. People will be able to comment on the pictures and give their personal opinions. Only in the event of a dead heat will the Facebook “likes” be taken into account.