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- Reglas generales
- Criterios de evaluación
- Programa de la jornada
- Participantes
- Trofeos
- Premios en metálico
- Jurado
- Hoteles
- Ubicación
- Sala de competiciones
- Dotaciones

- Room reservation
- Floorplan


Welcome to the 3. World Nail Championship
in Monte Carlo - Monaco

Floorplan: Wettkämpfer & Jury

What the judges want to see:
Style like shown below.
The judge evaluates after 52 evaluation criteria. The length ratio is predetermined. The length will only be checked from above.

Length ratios:
The length of the tip is as long as two-thirds of the length of the nail bed.
(Length of tip = Length of nail bed divided by 3, than multiplied by 2)

Nail bed: The area from the cuticle to the deepest point of the smileline.
Bed: 9mm; Tip: 6mm
Bed: 10mm; Tip: 6,6mm
Bed: 11mm; Tip: 7,3mm
Bed: 12mm; Tip: 8mm
Bed: 13mm; Tip: 8,7mm
Bed: 14mm; Tip: 9,3mm
Bed: 15mm; Tip: 10mm
Bed: 16mm; Tip: 10,7mm
Bed: 17mm; Tip: 11,3mm
Bed: 18mm; Tip: 12mm
Bed: 19mm; Tip: 12,7mm
Bed: 20mm; Tip: 13,3mm
Bed: 21mm; Tip: 14mm
Bed: 22mm; Tip: 14,7mm
Bed: 23mm; Tip: 15,3mm
Bed: 24mm; Tip: 16mm