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- General Rules
- Assessment criteria
- Schedule for the day
- Participants
- Trophies
- Prize Money
- Jurors
- Hotels
- Location
- Competition Hall
- Impressions

- Room reservation
- Floorplan


» Admission
Nail designers are admitted who have at least once won a national or international competition.

Competitors from all countries in the world are admitted which fulfil the preconditions, in addition all European champions, national champions and international champions.

» Number of participants
15 participants are permitted. Registration is only accepted in writing or online. There will be a draw for place allocation. You will then receive a registration confirmation.

» Spectating during the competition
Spectators are very welcome. However only persons with authorisation and identity pass (before, during and after) are allowed to be in the competition hall. Search for authorisation at, the Competition Office will provide a visitor ticket after satisfactorily checking your details.

» Food and drinks
During the competition, participants and models are allowed snacks and drinks to fortify themselves. The hall supervision will serve the competitors and the models.

» Dress code
The models are required to appear dressed in blue jeans and a black short sleeved t-shirt and light coloured trainers.

» Advertising 
Advertising may only be attached on the model’s back (possible recognition by the jurors)

Advertising may be displayed everywhere liberally on the competitors clothing.

The product label must comply with the European Cosmetics Regulations.

» Jewellery
The models are not allowed to be wearing a watch or jewellery or adornments on their hands when going before the jury.

» Competition Rules
The models hands are not allowed to have been previously worked on prior to the start.

Cuticle and nail bed damage will count against the competitor.

All mobile telephones in the competition hall must be switched off until after the judging is finished

During the competition is not permitted to either smoke or speak.

Upon it being announced that the competition is ended, the all competitors must immediately stop their work.

» Work place
The competitors set up their workplace after registration.

The competitors must bring their own work materials with them including work lamp (light).

Each competitor is provided with a mains connection with a three plug connector (220/240 Volt 50 Hz).

Adaptors for “Euro plug (plug type C) must provided by the competitors themselves.

» Start money
Participation is free

» Latecomers
Registered competitors who arrive late are allowed to take part in the competition but the lost time will count against the competitor concerned.

» Disqualification
Should the competitor have started work before the official start then he/she is disqualified.

Every competitor who still works on the model after the completion time will be immediately disqualified.

After numbers have been allocated no further contact is permitted between the competitor and the model.

» After the competition
After the competition has finished the competitors must clear up their working materials and leave a clean table.
Each competitor must take their rubbish bag with them and arrange for its disposal themselves.

The competitors adjourn behind the jury screen.

The models take a number and under the instructions of the hall supervisors go to the photo-shoot.

On the instructions of the hall supervisors, the models then go to the jury.

» Toilets
The models and the competitors may only leave the competition hall to go to the toilet accompanied by a hall supervisor.

» Work materials
No millers are permitted

Only modelling paste systems are permitted.

French tips, tips, gels and adhesives are not permitted. Only stencils are allowed for work.

» Air conditioning
The organisers will ensure that the competitors have optimum room temperatures and working conditions.

» Photo rights
All photos and videos which the organiser takes and makes are copyright of the organiser and may be used by the organiser for advertising and so forth. The participants upon registration at the same time cede all photo rights to ENA.

All photograhy or filming is forbidden!