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- General Rules
- Assessment criteria
- Schedule for the day
- Participants
- Trophies
- Prize Money
- Jurors
- Hotels
- Location
- Competition Hall
- Impressions

- Room reservation
- Floorplan


» Jury assesses on the spot
1. This assessment form consists of 16 main points and 53 sub-points. The main points are:
Length, shape, cuticle area, side walls, straightness, side lines, moon, smile line, white tips, c-curve, curvature, product transparency, shine, material processing, product control, varnish, overall impression.

2. Each juror can award up to 300 points.

» General conditions
No importance is attached to natural looking nails.

It is essential to show the nails drawn over using a perfect dramatic technique

Working time 2 hours.

Only traditional air drying acrylic technique (modelling paste) may be used.

Only 8 nails are done for photographic reasons.

Cuticle care sticks and nail polish may be used.

» Definition of task

Stencil technique must be used.

Moons have to be made, where the moons must be half as light again as the white tips.

Both hands must be worked as Dramatic French (pink & white).

It is up to the competitor whether they work in 3 or 4 colour technique (3 colour technique: white, gentle white and pink/peach, OR 4 colour: white, gentle white, clear and pink/peach)

The prescribed nail length is in the ratio 3:2, e.g. if the nail bed is 15 mm, then he white tip must be 10 mm.

The tunnel should be worked on as dramatically as possible, without the side lines hanging.

The right hand must be varnished.

The participant must bring the varnish with them; the colour must be a medium red, e.g. Ferrari red.

The white tips should not show through the varnish.

The thumbs must be prepared by the participant on the day of the event – the right thumb must be varnished red, the left hand must have a white tip. (Only eight nails are assessed and judged, the thumb nails are to complete the picture in the winner photos.)

» Not permitted
Milling devices are not permitted.

French tips and all common commercial tips.

All UV gels, gel sealer, gloss gel, resin, brush on, spray on, fibre glass.

All varnishes and polishes such as groove fillers, under varnish, over varnish, sealing varnish and glass varnishes.

Nail varnish dryer spray

No oil should be found under the nail or in the nail fold.

Neither the cuticle nor the finger must glisten or be greasy.